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Welcome to the Project Wiki for Okapi Island in Second Life!


I. About the Project

II. Okapi Island People

III. Okapi Island Current Plans

IV. Future Events

V. Get Involved

VI. Okapi Island News


I. About the Project


Opportunities for Research Apprentices



Okapi Island Thoughts for Fall 2007


Constructing Knowledge and Virtual Places



Announcing Purchase of Okapi Island



Visit Okapi Island and Virtual Çatalhöyük

To visit the island, click on this SLURL or paste it into your browser: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Okapi/128/128/0

You will be prompted to sign in or join Second Life. We'll see you there. We are there 3-6 pm PST every Wednesday


Okapi Island is closely linked to Remixing Çatalhöyük



II. Okapi Island People


III. Okapi Island Current Plans







V. Future Events

Remixing Catalhoyuk Day

9am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time (Universal Time - 8)

November 28, 2007

Location: Okapi Island


(You must have the free Second Life browser)


Join us for Remixing Catalhoyuk Day, a public program sponsored by the Berkeley Archaeologists at Catalhoyuk and the OKAPI program. Visit OKAPI Island in Second Life (using slurl provided above) and explore the past and present of Catalhoyuk,  a 9000-year-old village located in present-day Turkey. OKAPI Island features virtual reconstructions of excavation areas and multimedia exhibits of research data. The Island was constructed by a team of undegraduate research apprentices during the Spring and Fall 2007 semester. The Remixing Catalhoyuk program includes lectures, guided tours, games, and much more. Mark your calendars!


Read Full Program:



VI. Get Involved

Would you like to get iinvolved? We are always looking for assistance and new ideas. Please contact Zed Marseille in-world or Noah Wittman (wittman@berkeley.edu) and Ruth Tringham (tringham@berkeley.edu)


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